Opening a building’s door or a garden’s gate is like shaking a hand.  Fiberglass or composite feels too light and whimpy.  Metal can be too stiff.  Poor construction which splits or peels says you don’t really care.   Too much glass and open space creates exposure, and too much heavy trim or moldings can be intimidating.  Make certain your door or gate welcomes, protects, and creates an inviting focal point by having Bill hand craft one meet your specific needs.

Bill’s doors are custom made.  Your doors are made to specifications and choices you define, rather than a pre-made manufacture’s product line.  Costs for a Bill’s Custom Woodworking Door are driven by the time and materials it takes to give you what you want rather than the extra advertising, shipping, or warehousing expenses larger companies add.  When stained or painted properly and reasonably protected from the elements, these custom doors will last for hundreds of years; but if you have a problem, Bill Hussey is local and stands behind his work.

Whether you need doors for your new home, a remodel, or simply want to replace your existing doors, give Bill’s Custom Woodworking a call – 843-607-7115 or an e-mail – customwoodendoor@gmail.com and see how Bill can help you.

And, if you do not need a door today, but have other architectural millwork needs, give Bill a call. Check out the Gallery page to see some recent projects.