About Bill

There is something about crafting doors.  With each pass through the jointer, cut of the saw, and cope of the pieces, I cannot help but think about all the people it will welcome, the things it will protect, and all of the years it will endure.

I have been a custom wood craftsman for more than twenty years.  After graduating from the University of South Carolina with a Liberal Arts Degree,  I did not want to follow my friends into a desk job.  My dream job allows me to work with my hands, analyze details, and craft solutions on a daily basis.  After a brief apprenticeship at a large millshop, I was hooked and stayed for several years rising to Department Supervisor.  In 1996, when the opportunity arose, I bought my own commercial equipment, and began working on my own.

I am proud to say, my work can now be found on historic homes, more recent renovations, multimillion dollar mansions, and homes even I can afford.

Away from my woodworking shop, I spend time with my wife and two sons enjoying life in the Lowcountry and fishing from one of our homemade wooden boats.

If you are interested in a custom wooden door or other solid wood architectural element, call me at 843-607-7115 or send me an e-mail at customwoodendoor@gmail.com.