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When I started more than fifteen years ago, woodworkers did not have websites or even cell phones; customers could page me if they had a need.  I named my company Bill’s Custom Woodworking because I wanted local architects, designers, builders, and homeowners to know that they could just call Bill.

Technology and mass production love flashy names to brand and market.  I just love creating great architectural details out of wood.  Almost all of my business comes from existing customers or their referrals so I was fine without a web presence until I  began to see how the web could help me tell the stories behind the things I make.  The more we know about the things which go into our houses, the more they become our homes; and if this website introduces me to new customers, that is simply icing on the cake.

Since hanging out my shingle, I’ve created hundreds of pieces for houses and business across the Charleston region.  All the work is custom and built to the client’s specifications.   Just give me a picture, some measurements, and a deposit to get started.

Let the work on these pages inspire you to think about your own project, and hopefully, you too will just call Bill (my number is in the sidebar).  I look forward to hearing from you. –

Bill Hussey